Organized 9 & 18 Hole Games, Foursomes and Tee Times
Convenient weekly online registration for both 9 & 18 hole organized games from May 1st  to September 30th. We organize the games, tee times and foursomes so you always have someone to play with. With us, golfing is affordable. Your membership fee does not include green fees: you only pay green fees when you play. (with the exception of 18 hole games at Club Link and Private Courses where prepayment is required) It's the best approach for today's women who, because of other commitments and weather, cannot play as regularly as they might like.

9 Hole Golf Program

Members play week-to-week at the same course  or at any other 9 hole CWGI courses, as they wish, during CWGI scheduled times at preferred rates. For tee times, members register online on the CWGI members' site as early as the week before the scheduled day of play. Click Here for a look at the  Preliminary 9 Hole 2019 Program

18 Hole Golf Program

Every week several 18-hole games are available for online registration. During the week Monday mornings 18 hole games are scheduled in the East/South/North , Wednesday in the West and Friday early afternoon primarily at Club LInk and Private Courses. 

Games are planned for the season and teh schedule is posted to the website so members can plan their season.  Tee times and foursomes are organized and confirmed to participating members by email. With CWGI, games are played at some of the nicest courses in the area. As examples, here are some of the courses. Click Here for a look at the Preliminary 18 Hole and Special Events 2019 Program

Unique Member Programs

New members are encouraged to attend a complimentary New Members Orientation seminar.

SPRING TUNE UP 1 DAY CLINICS and WORKSHOPS are being planned for both Beginners and Experienced Golfers.  This day will include in class instruction for Beginners, on Range instruction with Pros and On Course Play with Pros and a social wrap up after.  Stay tuned for details on dates and locations.

For experienced golfers, the Break a Milestone Club is a group of members interested in improving their game to achieve new personal milestones of a score of 100, 90 or 80 on a consistent basis.

Guest weeks are welcome to some of the getaways and regular games .  One guest is welcome to join us up to 3 times during the season.